People come up with plenty of reasons for NOT writing and publishing their story: lack of time, lack of ideas, fear of rejection, a belief that they lack the talent to write well (or the motivation or discipline to actually finish a whole book), or the perennial problem of writer’s block.

First off, I have to tell you the truth: There is no such thing as writer’s block—it’s just an excuse. I have a few favorite quotes on this topic:

Jack London wrote, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” 

John Rogers said, “You can’t think yourself out of a writing block; you have to write yourself out of a thinking block.”

John Gardner said, “The best way in the world for breaking up a writer’s block is to write a lot.”

But probably my absolute favorite comes from author Terry Pratchett, who said: “There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.”

The truth is, you can ALWAYS write something (even if it’s no more exciting than a grocery list).

Sure, you might have trouble writing what you’re SUPPOSED to be writing (like that latest chapter from your novel), but unless someone has broken your limbs AND removed your voice, the simple fact is that you can still write SOMETHING.

And that’s what’s important. If you can write, you are not blocked.

And once you start writing (even if it’s just a rant about how much stuff you need to get at the supermarket), the ideas will start flowing. Before you realize it, you’ll be back at work, cranking out that chapter on your novel that seemed impossible just a little while ago.

I’ve come to believe that writer’s block is one of those things we cling to because we believe that a writer’s life needs to be tortured and difficult—that we need to suffer to be creative. And that’s a big fat lie.

I know from experience that the more boring and routine your life seems to be, the more writing you’ll get done. Cranking out one seemingly dull sentence a day, if that’s all you can muster up, will produce WAY more pages than sitting around for years, wringing your hands and crying about being “blocked.”

You’re not blocked; you’re a drama queen. Get over it and get back to writing.

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