Tara Tomczyk

Tara Tomczyk

Writing coach Tara Tomczyk has been a professional editor for 22 years. She began her career at Enslow Publishers in New Jersey, where she specialized in editing nonfiction books for the young adult market, working primarily as a history, social studies, and biography editor.

She then moved to McGraw-Hill, where she developed textbooks and other educational materials. She has also worked for Chelsea House Publishers/Facts on File, where she served as the executive editor in charge of science books.

In 2005, she started her own editorial services company, eventually narrowing her focus to publishing books and ebooks.

In 2015, she cofounded Blydyn Square Books, a small press headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, and Lansdale, Pennsylvania, that specializes in producing “books that make you think.”

Known for the exceptional quality of its titles, Blydyn Square Books takes pride in developing long-term personal relationships with its authors—something Tara insisted upon when she helped start the company.

In fact, Tara’s favorite part of her job has always been discovering talented new writers—especially people who have never been published before—and coaching them over the years to develop their writing.

As a writing coach, Tara considers herself part editor, part agent, and part therapist. She works hard to take clients’ writing to the next level, whether that means getting them over any creative blocks they may be experiencing, getting them published for the very first time, getting them published more often, or helping them become bestselling/ award-winning authors, like so many of the writers she has worked with in her career.

In addition to being a respected editor known for her skill and attention to detail, Tara is also the published author of 7 nonfiction books and 4 novels, as well as the ghost writer of 3 published biographies, so she knows both the writing and editing sides of the publishing business intimately. More than most writing coaches, Tara understands all the obstacles that face a busy writer who is struggling to juggle the conflicting demands of creativity and everyday life.