Tara Tomczyk

“In the twenty years I have been working with editors, I have never met one as talented, driven, and hard working as Tara Tomczyk. She is the rare individual who knows the publishing industry inside and out, but also lives and breathes books in her personal life. Tara protects the message and helps you make the work the very best it can be. Your work with her, is the very best it can be. “

“Tara is a wonderful editor! She takes the time to help you through your writing and offers invaluable advice.”

“I felt so very supported by Tara during my beginning process of becoming a writer. She is a great listener and guided me through all my insecurities and helped me to grow into my craft. Any author would be lucky to work with her!”

“In Tara, you will find the ideal combination of cheerleader and critic, exactly what you need to turn a germ of an idea into a published book.”

“Tara’s expertise and candor coupled with her exceptional accessibility allowed me not only to learn different techniques and elements to improve my writing but instilled a sense of confidence into my work that I hadn’t had before. I wouldn’t have made it through this process without her.”

“Tara helped me ease into publishing for the first time in a way that made me happy to have her as my guide. She is accessible, knowledgeable, and just plain pleasant to work with!”

Tara is honest, the essential trait in an editor and advisor to writers who seek to serve their audiences and reward their publishers (and themselves) with a successful project. Tara’s candor and clarity open pathways that hike my potential as a writer and elevate the value of my work. She doesn’t do my job for me; she insists that I do my job well. I trust Tara’s skill, her judgment, and her principles. I am very proud of the work we’ve done together!

Tara Tomczyk