I love working with writers, always have. But sometimes? You guys can be real a**holes.

Case in point:

We recently received a submission at Blydyn Square Books that pretty much contained all the mistakes I’ve been complaining authors make—while also demonstrating what a jerk this particular person was.

First off, the submission came from an agent, when our website explicitly says that we prefer to work directly with authors without having any middlemen (or -women) involved.

Second, it had an elaborate query letter and synopsis, which (again) are things we don’t consider important (something that is, again, clearly noted on our website).

Then, the manuscript itself was riddled with spelling and punctuation errors, right from the earliest pages—which showed us that the agent who sent it was flat out lying when she said the book had been fully edited.

But worst of all was another deceit, a much bigger one, something that told us we’d never want to work with this writer.

So, what was it?

It’s hilarious, actually.

The moment we replied to the agent’s email to acknowledge receipt of the submission, she emailed the author, her “client.”

Or so she thought.

In reality, thanks to some sloppy email skills, the so-called agent actually wrote back to US, not the author, and said, “They took the bait. They really think I’m your agent and they’re gonna read your submission. I told you I could fake it even if I don’t know anything about the book business.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you: If your friend isn’t talented enough to check the “To” line when sending an email, he or she is NOT the correct choice for your “pretend agent.” In fact, NOBODY is a good choice for such a dishonest (and idiotic) maneuver.

Need I say it?

This writer will NOT be getting a contract from Blydyn Square Books. For some crazy reason, we prefer to work with people who DON’T go out of their way to lie to us.

Just sayin’.

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