Tara Tomczyk

Coach Tara offers a wide range of services that include any and all of the following:

  • Weekly check-in via email, Skype, phone, or other to discuss blocks, goals, and other writing-related issues
  • A weekly critique of a work in progress
  • Daily or weekly writing prompts to help inspire work even when the muse is on vacation
  • Blog posts offering writing tools and tips
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Book doctoring/developmental editing
  • Submissions to agents and/or publishers
  • Group coaching (for up to 5 members per group)

Private Coaching Contracts (one-on-one)

  • 1 year with 1 hour of coaching per week (50 hours total): $5,000
  • 1 week of intensive coaching—1 hour per day for 5 days: $500
  • 1 month of intensive coaching (25 hours total): $1,750
  • 10 hours of coaching per month (3-month minimum): starting at $7,500
  • 1 year of coaching (20 hours per month): $17,500

Group Coaching (for up to 5 members)

  • 4 months of semi-private coaching, including 1 hour a week of private coaching and a 1-hour group session: $1,000 per person

Customize a Plan

  • We can also customize a plan—private or group—to fit your needs and budget. Contact Coach Tara at tara@coachtarat.com to discuss your options.
Tara Tomczyk
Tara Tomczyk

Tara Tomczyk is the only coach/editor who’ll do ANYTHING for her writers, including dressing up like a Disney princess!